Welcome to our cricket coaching section, we will provide you this wonderful opportunity i.e Online coaching where you can ask your queries through Online chat as well as through video conferencing at any time from our experienced coaches from where you can improve your batting, bowling, fielding, or get information about nutrition or psychology, it’s all available here.

At Complete Cricket Coaching we aim to use the latest technology to help improve cricketers including video tips available online.

There is no denying that Cricket is perhaps the most loved game in India, and over the years with the accomplishments of the National Team along with the fame and glamour associated with the game the younger generation dream of being international cricketers. Why not help them achieve this dream?

To do so, we need to spot and nurture talent at the grass root level, i.e. at the basic school level. We feel that a school of your repute should take a lead in this and create the wherewithal to coach talented young schoolboys competently professionally and sincerely.

Objective Of


We plan to use his acumen and expertise to provide specialized and expert coaching in cricket to hone the skills of selected school boys.

The ultimate aim is to bring your School on the cricket map of India in the near term and national level in the long run. We intend picking up few of the boys from schools and hopefully the ‘best’ and ‘most talented’ can possibly represent the country in the under 19 category, thereafter sky is the limit.


We are sanguine that together we can realize the dreams of your school children. With the support and involvement of Mr.Aryan Rathore and his support staff we would be able to give expertise coaching to the young kids.

Cricketing Exposure

Video Analysis of players on regular basis.

A number of cricket matches to be conducted during holidays when the school is closed.

Exposure to talented players of the school by way on inter-school cricket competitions and touring different countries is the summer vacation.

Opportunity for selection trials at state level.

Cricket equipment ‘free of cost’ to the ‘outstanding cricketer’ in the school.

Physical trainer to be assigned for fitness of players.

Prominent international players to share tips with youngsters on occasionally.

Progress reports of players to be published online weekly at

individual coaching

sessions can be arranged with Aryan Rathore one to one coaching specifically for the individual, our packages for individual coaching are  without accommodation.

On special request and for outstation & international trainees the academy can arrange for Mr. Aryan Rathore to be available for personal one to one training sessions. These individual training sessions will be separate from our academy’s curriculum over & above the regular academy days.

These sessions have to be pre booked. The academy can provide, at extra charges, boarding and lodging facilities.

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Warm Up Properly

Too much running - the game will take up a lot of energy, so you really don’t need to be expending too much on the warm up.Not having fun - you want to be relaxed before playing, so introduce a game that the players like and can have a bit of a laugh with before the serious stuff begins.

How To Take More Wickets

New batsmen need time to increase their scoring rate. So, while the one day format is about reducing scoring rate, the best way to do it is to have two new batsman at the crease.

How to Outsmart the Bowler

Batsmen use the crease to their best advantage to access different areas of the ground. This drill is a good one to get bowlers and batsmen in competition with one another and try to outsmart eachother.Finding the gaps is a crucial part of batting, particularly during limited overs games, and these drills from ACA will help you to improve this key area of your game.

How to Swing the Ball

The essence of swing bowling is to get the cricket ball to deviate sideways as it moves through the air towards or away from the batsman.

How to Become a Good Fielder

Stopping, Throwing and Catching, Infield and Outfield. These drills are hard tested in the real world with cricketers across a range of skills and experience.

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